• One complete set of Aylmeri Jesses (anklets, grommets, removable straps).
  • One swivel of acceptable design*.
  • Leash.
  • Bath container.
  • Outdoor perch of acceptable design*.
  • Reliable weighing scale or balance, accurate to ½ ounce or 14 grams.

* If you have to ask what an acceptable design is, you aren't ready for the inspection.


Note: the inspectors are accustomed to seeing an 8' x 8' x 8' plywood box with vertical barring on the windows and some sort of double door arrangement, a perch, and a bath. A red-tail can be free-lofted (flies loose in the hawk house, as opposed to being tethered) safely in such. If you get too creative, you may get a chance to be inspected a second time. Follow your sponsor’s advice!

  • Space to allow easy access and maintenance.
  • Space to allow bird to fully extend wings.
  • At least one window.
  • All windows have vertical bars/rods on inside.
  • Secure door - easily closed, with lock.
  • Other doors, if any, to protect facility.
  • Floor surface, dry or well drained - can be easily cleaned.
  • One perch of acceptable design.
  • A form of double dooring to prevent the hawk from escaping.

Note: Federal regulations allow the game warden inspecting your facilities to decide - based on environmental factors - if you have to provide a weathering area.

WEATHERING AREA (if you decide to have one whether or not the inspector requires it. The weathering area provided will be inspected for the following)

  • Space to allow a tethered bird to bate without striking wings on top or sides.
  • Sides of weathering area fenced with suitable material to keep predators out.
  • Top of weathering area fenced with suitable material to keep predators out, OR
  • Top of weathering area open provided weathering perch(es) are taller than 6½ feet high.


The hawk house and weathering area, if provided, provide adequate protection to the hawks from:

  • Excessive heat/direct sunlight.
  • High winds and winter storms.
  • Ground and airborne predators.
  • Disturbances from humans.