I've submitted my application for membership, what happens next?
Your name has been added to the CHC's membership database and, as long as you keep your membership current (the membership year runs from March 1 through the following February), you'll receive all correspondence and publications transmitted to the general membership (Family category members don't receive separate CHC publications). Also, your email address has been added to the CHC's Membership Directory. Members listed in the CHC's Membership Directory receive timely notice of important events affecting falconry and the CHC.

If you've never been a CHC member before, you'll also receive a letter within the next four weeks welcoming you to the CHC and containing a free CHC patch and decal.

Where are the CHC's offices?
The CHC has no full time offices for conducting business. The CHC is staffed and administered solely by unpaid member/volunteers.

What publications does the CHC produce?
Each year the CHC publishes three Newsletters (December, April, and August) and one Journal (normally published after the annual Field Meet and applicable to the previous membership year). The Newsletters generally contain reports from the Directors and Officers, articles of interest submitted by members and others, regulatory and raptor husbandry information, CHC governance and financial information, and a few falconry related advertisements. The Journal highlights the preceding annual Field Meet and includes more falconry related articles providing a wealth of information and entertainment.

When will I start receiving my CHC publications?
As part of your membership, you're entitled to receive all of the CHC's publications for your membership year. In order to reduce costs, though, a limited number of Newsletters and Journals are printed.  Depending upon when during the membership year you join, prior publications may, unfortunately, be out of print.  Soon after your membership application was processed, you should receive any publications previously published for your membership year.  If you don't, please contact the CHC's Membership Chair.

How do I get a user name and password for the Membership Login?
Just send an email to the Secretary, Ryan English.

What is the annual Field Meet?
Each year the CHC holds a Field Meet where falconers come to fly their birds on wild game, attend clinics and workshops on falconry equipment and husbandry, enjoy speakers who discuss these and other topics at the nightly meetings, purchase falconry equipment and artwork, and test their luck during the nightly raffle.  Historically, the Field Meet has been held at county fairground facilities or hotels.  Finally, the Field Meet culminates in a Saturday night, all-you-can-eat banquet where awards are presented and newly elected CHC officers are congratulated. The Field Meet also provides the venue for the annual Member's meeting and a Board of Directors meeting where CHC business is conducted.  Accommodations during the Field Meet are the responsibility of those attending, although the CHC's News & Events web page will provide local information related to hotels and camping.

Where and when is the Field Meet held?
The location of the Field Meet is established each year by the recommendation of that year's Field Meet Chairperson and the approval of the Board of Directors.  Normally, the Field Meet is held during a Wednesday through Saturday night period in the month of December or January. For information about the next Field Meet, please review the News & Events page on the web site.

How much does it cost to attend the Field Meet?
Registration fees for the Field are set each year by the Field Meet Chairman and the Board of Directors.  Normally, registration fees are in the range of $75 - $100 (although pre-registration discounts may be offered) and cover the registrant as well as their immediate family members (up to 4).  Registration does not cover the cost of your accommodations, the Saturday night banquet, or any other specific activities at the Field Meet for which separate fees may apply. The Saturday night banquet cost is charged on a per-plate basis.  Some workshops may require a small fee in addition to your registration fee if necessary to cover materials handed out or used in the conduct of the workshop.

Does the CHC sponsor any other events or hold other meetings?
From time to time, "mini" Field Meets are sponsored by one or more CHC members simply as an opportunity to get together with other falconers.  Mini-meets are usually group camping/hunting events which may or may not be structured or have registration fees.  In addition to the business meeting held at the annual Field Meet, the Board of Directors normally hold one or more mid-year meetings where plans for the upcoming Field Meet are formulated and other matters of interest are addressed.   Please contact a Director to find out about any upcoming mini-meets or Board of Directors meetings.  All CHC members are encouraged to attend!

How are the Board of Directors and Officers selected?
Each Director is elected for a two-year term by a vote of the CHC's General, Apprentice, and Honorary Lifetime class members. To qualify for General or Apprentice membership in the CHC, applicants must reside in the State of California and possess valid federal and California State falconry licenses.  Honorary Lifetime members (currently there are twelve) are selected by the Board of Directors for their unique contributions to falconry and the CHC.  The CHC's officers are selected annually by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Will the CHC help me obtain my falconry license?
Through the CHC's two Apprentice Chairmen, limited guidance will be provided to CHC members wishing to obtain their falconry license.  Before a CHC Apprentice Chairman is contacted, the CHC's Apprentice Information web page should be reviewed for answers to questions frequently asked by those seeking a falconry license.  Also, assistance with gaining a potential sponsor will only be provided to current CHC members after the California State falconry exam has been taken and passed.  Unfortunately, membership in the CHC does not guarantee that you will obtain a sponsor for licensing purposes.

How will I know when to renew my membership?
Prior to the expiration of your membership (usually in January or February) you'll receive a renewal notice showing your membership information contained in the CHC's membership database and the dues for the next membership year.  Just renew your membership on-line using your MasterCard or Visa credit card, or return the renewal with the appropriate fee and you're done!